Ray is in the hospital again

Ray is in the hospital again.  For the past four days he has been very fatigued and has been sleeping the better part of most days.  His color is pale, it just doesn’t look right. He’s coughing much more than ever.  It isn’t one of those hacking coughs, it is more like he doesn’t have the energy for a hacking cough and he tries to suppress it.  Saturday, he couldn’t get a breath.  That is the scariest thing I think he has been through.  He literally gasps for air and can’t get it.  It happened twice Saturday and Sunday, and this morning (Monday) it happened 3 times before noon.

At noon we called the oncologist, who told us to get to the ER.  We quickly got in the car and drove the hour drive to Harper DMC.  By 1:30, they had him in the CODE room.  I was scared to death.  It happened so quickly, they took his vitals, rushed him straight into code and wouldn’t let me in there.  I was panicky and thought I was losing him.  It was a nightmare.

About half and hour later, we were in a regular ER room.  Thank God!  He was still having trouble breathing and was hooked up to a monitor.  His heart rate was on the high side, oxygen was great (he was getting it there), but his respiratory rate was pretty high.  His blood work came back okay, a slightly elevated white count.  He had a chest x-ray and a CAT scan.  Both came back with some question marks.  Something is going on.  Blood cultures were ordered, he had an oxygen treatment and another breathing  attack.  Our oncologist decided to admit him to Karmanos, because he could have pneumonia.  The cat scans showed some liquid in both lungs.  Tomorrow, they might have to stick a needle in his lungs and pull out the fluid.  He is on the strongest antibiotics there are, just in case.  So I left the hospital tonight at 10:30 for the hour drive home, after getting him settled in his room and I trust he is in good hands tonight.

It is 1:00 a.m. and I just called Karmanos to check on him.  She said he is resting well but they are keeping a close eye on him because his breathing is labored.

I’m going to bed.  Please pray for a miracle for Raymond.  I love him so.

About 1lisaa

I've been on a spiritual quest my whole adult life. As a 59 year old retired school teacher and a long time observer of people, life, nature and miracles, I have decided to start a blog. As I began my blog I was a caregiver for my soul mate Raymond who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2011 and it has been quite a journey. Now, I continue this blog with memoirs, insights, and stories about this journey, called life. In this blog, I hope to find clarity and share spiritual lessons along the way. All comments and insights would be appreciated.
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7 Responses to Ray is in the hospital again

  1. Hang in there, Lisa – we’re thinking about the both of you with love. We are upholding the highest for you and Ray.

    • susy westmoreland says:

      Lisa my sweet brave friend I was in your shoes with Bob and know what you are going through keep strong and keep positive. I am praying for Ray and you.

  2. Rose Hollandsworth says:

    Lisa, I pray for Ray and you everyday. Today I asked for a miracle for Ray. Hang in there Lisa and try to have the strong faith that you have been showing all of us continue to help you.

  3. Diane says:

    He is definately in my prayers…Lisa, you are in my prayers too. God does work miracles.

  4. Lauren says:

    Lisa, we think of you and Ray day in and day out. Your love and support sets an example for us all. We are here if you ever need a thing.

    We love you,
    Lauren & Michael

  5. diane janes says:

    Just read this….feels good to know i will soon be close at hand. You are such a devoted love to him and I cannot imagine what he would have done without you. <many people would have run the other way. What a gift you are. Love and prayers!

  6. Debra Graham says:

    My heart is breaking, knowing that yours is. I love you so. If you need anything, I can drive out and get it for you, help you, hold you.

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